Monday, August 20, 2012

These crazy days!

What a weird few days. On Thursday, I came down with what I think was heat rash. Heat rash! After 14 years of living in Arizona, I move to Washington for two months and end up with heat rash... I guess that's what happens when you've had a ton of 70 degree days and then suddenly switch to 90+ degrees with no air conditioning. I'm just now starting to improve.

We missed a bunch of plans this weekend. On Sabbath, we were going to attend a new church. In the evening, we were going to find a couple geocaches in honor of International Geocaching Day. On Sunday afternoon, we were going to visit the downtown Japanese market to participate in a summer festival. Ah, well. The best laid plans!

Instead, I've spent the past four days holed up inside, trying desperately not to itch. I've read a few books, worked on my Japanese, knitted, and tried to sleep. On Sunday, hubby bought a mattress cover in an attempt to create an additional layer of protection between the air mattress and the cats' claws. Interestingly enough, Sunday night was the best night of sleep I've had in the past six weeks! I'm not sure if I was finally exhausted enough to sleep for seven hours or if the mattress cover was soft enough to create a decent cushion between myself and the bed. Who knows. I'll be thankful for the blessings as they come!

I am praying for a good night of sleep tonight and the opportunity to be productive tomorrow. Bible in 90 Days started today and it's been exciting already. Today's reading was almost identical to the cover to cover plan, but only because Genesis is already written chronologically. In a few days, I think the plans will deviate quite a bit.

Hopefully everyone else had a very blessed Monday!

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Carrie said...

YAY for seven hours of sleep!

BOO to heat rash. Two of my kids have the same thing (but there's doesn't itch as badly, thank goodness) for the first time ever. Weird. Well, well...gotta keep life interesting. Right? I hope it goes away for you soon!