Monday, April 15, 2013

This week's goals

I loved having an organized to-do list last week. When I was wondering what to do next, I worked on something from the list.

Last week's list:
  • De-clutter the top of the fridge - Done!
  • Hang the Welcome sign - Not done. Need hubby to help me.
  • Put up a nail in our pantry to hang my apron on - Done!
  • Reorganize our bedroom clothes closet - Not done.
  • Catch up on my e-mail - Almost done!
  • Take care of The Pile - DONE!

The Pile - Before

The Pile - After

This week's list:
  • Hang the Welcome sign
  • Reorganize our bedroom clothes closet
  • Finish clearing out my inbox
  • Write book reviews for the books I've finished in the past two weeks
  • Pack for my trip - I'm leaving on Sunday to visit my grandparents in WY
  • Write letters to our two girls in Korea

The list might be a bit ambitious on top of my regular chores, but we'll see. I'm finding inspiration in having a cleaner household and it makes me want to become even more organized and clutter-free.


Anna@stuffedveggies said...

Great progress on "The Pile!"

I love your to-do list - it's the kind of stuff I need to get done that sits for weeks(or months) undone. I've gotta do that : )

Sweet .n. Simple said...

Happy organizing! I love it when there is a place for everything and everything in its place:)

Carrie said...

I'm getting closer and closer to list making. life seems overwhelming still and there has to be a way to manage things better....