Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cleaning and shoes and spiders, oh my!

I can't believe this week is already half over. It seems like it was just Sabbath and now it's Wednesday.

We've been very productive this week. I think spring fever has hit! Both bathrooms have been scrubbed. The kitchen has been scoured. All of our unpacked boxes (mostly books) have been tidied up in the spare bedroom. The laundry has been caught up, including folded and put away!

Spider season is upon us. I opened our hall closet and nearly jumped out of my skin to see a fairly large spider hanging out at the entrance to the attic. Great. That's definitely how the others have invaded. Our bug control company was previously scheduled to come out today between four and six. Good! They can kill the monster in the closet for me...

I emptied all the coats and jackets and shoes out of the closet in case the spider falls when the bug guy tries to kill it. Apparently we have a lot of shoes...

Happy spring!

1 comment:

Julie Fukuda said...

That spider is your first line of attack against other bugs. (and it won't eat holes in your wool sweaters)