Sunday, October 27, 2013

Home but still recovering

I visited my dad in Colorado for five days. When I arrived in Colorado, I promptly got sick with a nasty cold. I flew back home on Monday last week and am still recovering. Yuck.

I hate not being productive. My husband has had to do the dishes, clean the cat boxes, and do all the grocery shopping. These things are normally my job but I have had no energy for any of it. I'm finally starting to feel better but am having to force myself to remain quiet so that I don't relapse. Maybe I'll be fully recovered mid-week. I sure hope so!

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Julie Fukuda said...

Last year when I went to the states for a month, I picked up something on the flight and was pretty well miserable the whole time ... fever, cough, the whole nine yards. Not the best way to feel when visiting kids and grandkids with plans made half a year in advance.