Friday, October 11, 2013

Preparation Day, Week 1

I feel more prepared for the Sabbath than I have in a long time. I made a conscientious effort this week to clean my house, to be mindful of what still needed to be done, and to make a plan for today.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I completed the majority of my house cleaning. This made it easier for me to focus today on the last minute things that needed to be done.

This morning I made a quick trip to the grocery store for what we need over the weekend. I washed the laundry so that we have clean clothes for church. The dishes are washed and the dishwasher emptied. The entire house is tidied.

I didn't prepare our Sabbath meal in advance but I want to learn to do that in the future. If our friend goes to church with us tomorrow, we'll stay for potluck. Otherwise we'll come home and have pasta for lunch. (Is it possible to boil the noodles in advance so that everything just needs to be heated?)

All that's left for today is to go for a run and put the clean sheets back on the bed. I'm ready to welcome the Sabbath!

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