Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tiny step forward

USCIS has entered our I600A application into their system! Woohoo!

It's such a tiny little step but at least it's a tiny little step forward. They emailed us a case file number so that we can check the status of our application online.

The I600A is a preapproval for adopting a foreign born child and bringing them into the United States. We did not specify a child on our application. They look only at us as potential parents to decide if we are allowed to bring a child to the US.

Once the I600A is approved and we receive the appropriate approvals in Taiwan, we submit an I600 form which requests permission to bring a specific child into the US.

Lots of steps! At least now we can constantly refresh the USCIS website to see our current case status.

Current estimated wait time: 2.5 months.


Julie Fukuda said...

Your posts make me realize all that my daughter and her husband had to go through for those three darling grandchildren I am enjoying!

Anonymous said...

all these "steps"... it must be so hard to be patient!

Anonymous said...

International adoption is more complex than our stateside adoption was (at least it sounds that way to me), which I imagine make the waiting even harder. Keep busy, that was what I was advised to do and did, but it's still like living in constant anticipation, etc.
Hoping you hear more soon!