Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bedding and Mandarin progress!

We put the comforters on the beds and it makes Zhi Zhi's room so much more inviting!

We went from this:

To this:

I love the bedding and hope she does as well. I look forward to picking out curtains and a dresser soon.

Today I finished week 12 of my beginner class from YoYo Chinese. I am exactly half way through the beginner lessons. I feel like I am learning a lot but also feel pressured to pick up the pace a bit. I would really like to make it part way through the Intermediate lessons before we travel to pick up Zhi Zhi. I am becoming more comfortable with Mandarin but know that I have a very long way to go.


Jason and Michelle said...

The bedroom is coming along so nicely! I. An hardly wait to see what her room looks like once it's completed.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried The Parent Language Series Chinese edition?
I have the book ,but my CD has been lost in the shuffle of things over the years.I am planning to purchase a new CD. Now that my girls are older they can listen to it along with me.