Monday, June 23, 2014

Everything on back order

I thought for sure that I was going to have a really fun post today, an update on our decorating attempts. Alas, no update for awhile.

Yesterday we visited Bed, Bath, and Beyond so that I could show my hubby the curtains I found. We picked out the pretty lavender curtains and then found a nice curtain rod to install. Once home, we eagerly unwrapped everything. BB&B carried two lengths of curtains - 63" and 83". The window is not full length so we took an educated guess that we need the 63" curtains. We were careful to pick out two packages that were very clearly marked 63". When we opened the first package, we realized that the curtains were taller than I am! I am 5'6" and I couldn't even hold the curtains off the floor by stretching my arms above my head. They were clearly not 63" long! The curtains were pretty, but we were not in love with them. We decided to take them back and find something else.

This morning we started browsing Pottery Barn Kid's website, the same place we bought the comforters and sheets. We found some gorgeous curtains on sale! They weren't as cheap as the BB&B curtains, but I'm positive that they are nicer quality. And wouldn't you know it... the curtains are on back order, just like the sheets we ordered! Both the curtains and the sheets will be delivered at the end of July. So much for making progress with the decorating this weekend!

On Saturday night, I also made a list of furniture stores we can visit in search of a dresser as well as a kitchen table to replace our folding table. Hopefully next weekend we'll spend some time searching for furniture. I can't wait!

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Julie Fukuda said...

What a hassle! Things are expensive here but it is easy to find something that works. Even when we had very narrow windows, I was able to find something the right length and cut it in half to cover both windows.