Friday, July 18, 2014

Busy week and a new recipe

This week was busy enough that I forgot to blog. Oops! I spent a few hours this week doing some deep spring organizing. I still have a few areas around the house where our belongings are not organized, just stacked into piles or shoved into corners. I want our house to look intentional! I'm still working through the last stack of papers and will then start sorting through our pantry.

No real adoption news this week, just some random shopping to decorate our home. I hope to post pictures once I finish the organizing.

I made a new Chinese recipe this week, Sexy Spiced ‘n ‘Ginger-ed Veg, Rice Noodles & Crispy Tofu. Whew! What a long recipe name. It was really good the first night but did not reheat well. We preferred the Lo Mein recipe from last week. However, we will definitely use the idea of including jiaozi (dumplings) in future stir-fry recipes. That was the best part!

I haven't picked out a recipe for next week but want to find something Taiwanese. Maybe a side dish instead of an entree. I'll have to search around and find a website with Taiwanese recipes. Happy cooking!

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Julie Fukuda said...

I admire your preparations, so well thought out.