Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Clothes shopping - round two!

Jeff and I visited the other nearby mall last night and browsed the summer sales. I don't think we'll be buying anything else until we get a better idea of her taste in clothing and favorite colors, but we are having a lot of fun!

A pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The jeans were on sale for $13!

Two short sleeve shirts and one long sleeve shirt.

And another pair of pajamas because they were too cute to pass up! Zhi Zhi is wearing Hello Kitty in a lot of her photos but I'm not sure if she still likes it. I hope so, because we think it's really cute.

Everything has been folded and added to the dresser. I can't wait until our Skype call when I can show her everything we've bought for her. It's fun to shop for girls!!


Julie Fukuda said...

Hello Kitty seems to be in all the time no matter the age. I hope she is pleased with the items.

Jo Hammers said...

My niece adopted three little girls. They have been a great joy in our family. The first was a baby straight home from the hospital. Her parents were rock banders who didn't want her. The other two were found living in a car on a curb. The parents were making no efforts to provide housing or food for them.After a year of efforts by socil services to help the young couple, they still did not get out of the car, find jobs, and provide housing for their two little girls. They preferred to live in the gutters of life. My hat is off to you for giving some precious child a great chance in life. My niece's three will all have college educations and lives in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of our city. Adoption is a good thing.

Michelle F said...

Cute shirts..she'll like them :)

Hope your having a good week.

Cassandra said...

Jo - Adoption is a great thing. :) I'm glad those girls are doing well! Thanks for the comment!