Friday, January 2, 2009


My hubby is so sweet. :) I decided that we should bake two loaves of bread. Unfortunately, I haven't quite gotten the hang of kneading dough and I can only do one loaf a day with my present arm strength. Hubby mixed up the other loaf of dough and kneaded it for me. I am so lucky to have him!


Resymeda said...

mmmm...I bet it tasted good too! Nothing like home made bread.

Ruth MacC said...

Hi there,
My name is Ruth and I got your link from Amy’s Humble Musings. I too am interested in loosing a few pounds and I thought I would check out some of the blogs belonging to the people who are joining Amy in her weight loss. I guess I am looking for a bit of encouragement!

So if you are going ahead with this perhaps you can drop over and give me any advice/ encouragement you see fit!