Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our fleece

As a follow up to yesterday's question, I've been trying to think of any Biblical examples of people trying to figure out what to do.

The only example I can think is Gideon. God told Gideon that he was going to lead an army. Gideon wasn't so sure, so he laid out a fleece. Twice, God honored Gideon's prayers and gave him signs that Gideon was to lead.

Jeff and I have laid out figurative fleeces before. We have been directed by God to take certain jobs and we were sure that we were following God's command because He answered our prayer for a fleece. In our current job situation, we're not sure if God is going to give us a fleece. But I know of no other way to determine God's will.

We have faith that God will take care of us, that Jeff will find a job. However, we're not sure where that job will be or when it will happen.

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Ruth MacC said...

I always think that you should stay put, whatever your situation is until God tells you to move and the fleece is a good example in the Bible.

Lasts week Sean and Niall were offered a part each as extras in a movie being made locally. We never did this before and thought it would be fun. Niall was asked to be an extra in a swimming pool but turned it down for reasons of modesty.

There was a chance that Sean would be offered a part, along with 3 other boys, riding their bikes and harassing a woman. I was totally against it, for many reasons I hope you can see.

However Niall couldn't see a problem with it. But he did say that if I didn't agree that they wouldn't go ahead.

I asked two Christiana women about it and both, to my surprise thought I was over reacting, so I said to Niall that he can make the final call.

Well, they called Sean back for the part and Niall accepted.

A couple of days later Sean has his hand is a cast with a suspected break so the whole thing is cancelled!!!

On a good note, Sean loves the cast and had great fun showing it off, even though his arm is very sore.

Thank the Lord, He works it all out in the end for our good and His glory!!!