Thursday, April 23, 2009

Job updates

Things are starting to look up around here. Hopefully everything turns out!

Hubby's two hour contract job went really well. He had "homework" to do after they were finished at the client. Hubby had to email the boss some recommendations for the client and it seems the boss was happy with the suggestions. He's called here a couple times today asking Jeff questions. It also sounds like the boss will be setting Jeff up with an email account, so that is definitely promising. Now we just wait until the boss calls/emails with the next contract assignment.

As for me... I have a three day temp job starting tomorrow morning. Several weeks ago, I responded to a Craigslist ad about a temp job assembling folders for a presentation. It won't be the most stimulating assignment, but it's a paycheck. I will be working all day tomorrow and Monday, with a possible day on Tuesday if the project is not yet complete. The best part? The company needed two people so I volunteered a church friend of mine who really needs some exra money this month. Now I'll have someome to talk to all day!

In preparation for working tomorrow, I cleaned today so the house would be ready for Sabbath. I cleaned the kitchen, caught up on all the dishes, vacuumed the apartment, and scrubbed down the bathroom. I'm very content.

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