Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pasta salad!

My developing frugality skills finally paid off. hehe

Over the weekend, my brother bought this really nasty Fry's brand imitation cheese. Sorry Josh, but it was nasty. I looked on the website, and Fry's has a satisfaction guarantee on all of their store brands. This morning, I took two packages of the "cheese" back to Fry's and asked for a refund or store credit. Even though I didn't have the receipt, they offered me a cash refund. Yay!

Fry's has their Fry's brand "real" cheese on sale right now, so we bought a block of that instead. Walmart had pasta salad noodles discounted and combined with the ingredients we have been saving at home, we're having pasta salad for dinner! It's been ages (well, several months) since we've had pasta salad and we've been scraping the bottom of the cupboards for food to eat the past couple days. The pasta salad cost us a few minutes of time to return the icky cheese and $2.25 for the noodles. The olives, frozen peas, and salad dressing was being saved for this day.

Hurray for yummy dinners! This will be so much better than hot cereal or canned chili...

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