Tuesday, July 28, 2009

31 Days to Clean - Day 2

Moving forward in the 31 Days to Clean series... Today is day 2 and Sarah Mae points out the importance of the "Six Most Important Things List." I've heard the idea before but I'm not sure where. I've been implementing the list for the past few days and my productivity has sky-rocketed. The only thing I haven't tried is to write my list out the night before. I've been writing it the morning of.

My six most important things list has some of the same tasks from day to day but most are different. I've reminded myself of upcoming bills, budget updates, work assignments, some research I'm currently doing, and various chores. Blogging is on my list today as I didn't want to forget to write about day 2.

Sarah Mae also talks about scheduling issues. I have a very loose schedule, especially since my husband works from home most of the time. I tend to go to bed when my body says it's time and I wake up naturally every morning. Immediately after waking, I write my morning pages (will blog about this some other time) and then exercise. Shower after exercise and then breakfast. By this time, it's usually 9 or so already. The rest of the day doesn't follow any sort of formal schedule. I complete my work assignment if I have one, work on my six most important things list, and attempt to tame our spare bedroom.

Maybe if my husband starts working out of client offices instead of home I will write out a time schedule for myself. But right now, I vacuum in between his calls. A formal schedule would not work with his current work situation.

My biggest productivity blocker is the internet. I try to limit my browsing time but I use the internet to work. It's literally impossible for me to work without it. I also use the computer to work on the budget, pay bills, do research for my writing, write, etc. I think the easiest way to conquer my biggest time waster is just to limit the amount of time I spend surfing. I'm allowed to use the computer for personal reasons for a set amount of time, usually 15-30 minutes, and then I move on to something else that's more productive.

In the spirit of productivity, I tackled the kitchen today and took before and after pictures.



Ahhhhh, much better.


DanniellaAnn said...

I see like 5 things that had to be cleaned up when you started. What's up with that?! You shoulda like made it look messier for the before picture ;) Nice though. Makes me feel way worse about my kitchen... although I do have a toddler distracting me from keeping it clean...

Cassandra said...

Hahaha. :P I cleaned it on Friday so it had better not look that bad already! Your kitchen didn't look that bad. :P