Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Animal pics

For some reason, I just feel like posting pics today. Last week, I was planning on writing a long post about our weekend at my brother's house but life interfered. Instead, I'll just post some recent pics that I took here at our house and some in Sierra Vista.

Laying on the top shelf is Susano; on the bottom shelf is Fiona. It is rare to capture a picture of the two of them together as they don't like each other much.

Our cats are so spoiled. One day we decided to place Susano in the window above our shower. Usually he lays so that he's facing outside, but occasionally he likes to turn around and watch whoever is in the shower. After we're done showering, we leave him up in the window until the bathroom starts getting hot from our ridiculously hot summers or until he meows that he's ready to come down.

These two are attached at the hip and love laying on my desk, whenever there is enough room. Bruno is our baby, the kitten we raised by hand last year. He was only a day old when he came into our house and Susano has been parenting him ever since.

Seeing this rattlesnake was one of the highlights of my weekend with my brother. I had never seen a live one in the wild before. We had just finished doing some offroading in Josh's 4x4 and were driving along the dirt road back to his house. All of a sudden, we spotted a long snake traveling across the road. I'm sure we barely missed it with the tires. We stopped and ran back to look, just as he slithered into the brush at the side of the road. Josh identified it as a rattlesnake before I did and our suspicions were confirmed when he curled up and starting shaking his rattles at us. Hurray for zoom on cameras!

I recently spotted this dragonfly resting outside my kitchen window. I was washing dishes and feeling a little down when he flew by and landed on a bush. I snuck outside with my camera and managed to get a half decent shot. He stuck around for a few hours before flying off again. I love the deep orange color.

This little guy graces me with his presence every couple of days. There is a tall bush outside the kitchen and he lands on one of the branches sticking out the side of the bush. He'll sit there for several hours at a time, usually during the hottest part of the day and just look around or groom himself. Until he started visiting, I had never seen a hummingbird sit so still for so long. I hope he keeps coming back.

Someday I'll own a camera that allows me to zoom in and focus on hummingbirds without producing grainy photographs. :) Until then, I'll just continue to enjoy all the animals God sends my way.

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