Thursday, August 13, 2009

31 Days to Clean - Day 11

Dannie pointed me to a free personality test. This personality test matches up to the 31 Days to Clean personality assessment. Now I can determine ways to keep me motivated around the house.

My test results pegged me as personality type D. The results were very skewed in this direction.

The "D" Style

You are very results oriented and you like the bottom line. You're not into routine, and you want the fastest way possible to get your work done. You thrive on challenges, and you are also a great motivator. Let's use these qualities to get you moving!

Motivation: Challenge

You need to be challenged; so try giving yourself a challenge each day. Maybe it's one big challenge, or a few small ones. Either way, you will achieve real results if you meet your challenges. If, for example, you want to go to sleep in a clean bedroom each night, challenge yourself to spend 20 minutes a day straighting up your room and making your bed. Challenge yourself to do it during a particular time of the day until it becomes habit (say between 9 and 9:20am every morning). You need to see results or you will soon give up, so developing a habit for you is imperative! Heck, challenge yourself to form a new habit, just one, and give it all you've got!

Bingo! I am extremely results oriented and I love challenges. Jeff and I were just discussing how the Julie and Julia project (365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen) is the sort of thing I would tackle. I'm not sure I would enjoy that specific challenge, but I love big goals and challenges that have concrete results.

My second strongest personality type is the "C" style.

The "C" Style

You are a super detailed person, and you love structure and quality. You are a natural organizer, but you can sometimes be critical and perfectionist, which can get in the way of the big picture. You seek facts, and you want to know the most systematic way to get things done.

Motivation: Structure

Make a schedule and get yourself into a routine. You won't have much trouble with this, but what you may have trouble with is how to do everything "right" and still relax to spend time with your husband or kiddos. You need to have realistic expectations - get what you need done, but don't expect perfection. Strive for excellence, but land in the softness of grace.

The last couple personality tests I've taken have nailed my personality type. Even though I'm an overwhelmingly D personality, C type fits as well. I agree with everything these personality types have suggested - I am a perfectionist, critical, an organizer, and love challenges. Now it's time to turn this knowledge into practice as far as being a housewife is concerned!


DanniellaAnn said...

Yup! Hmmm I wonder if opposites attract in friends like spouses?

Cassandra said...

I dunno. lol. It would be funny if that was the case!