Tuesday, August 4, 2009

31 Days to Clean - Day 8

Day 8 of the challenge! Today was all about making the bedroom a sanctuary.

Well... I don't think there's anything that can be done with our bedroom right now. There's nowhere to put plants, candles, etc. and I can't hang any pictures on the walls. I made the bed this morning and made sure everything was picked up and put away.

Instead, I worked on the bathrooms. We have two, one in the hallway and one just off our bedroom. The bathroom off our bedroom is deemed the kitty bathroom. That's where the catboxes are. Instead, we use the bathroom off the hallway because it has a full tub.

I hate cleaning bathrooms. It's my least favorite chore. Unfortunately, I procrastinate cleaning either bathroom. I get grossed out by the bathrooms even if I clean them once a week. Instead (confession time!), I only clean it about once a month. The toilet bowl gets cleaned more often than that, but the entire bathroom receives a scrub down about once every 4 weeks. Bad Cassandra!

Because the cleaning challenge spends several days working on the bedroom, I decided to spend several days working on the bathrooms. Sure, I could do them all at once but then I'd have to work in there for several hours. No thanks. Instead, I'll break it up over a couple days and then everything will be clean. Hopefully then I can get back to cleaning the bathroom once a week! So today I cleaned the mirrors and the countertops in both bathrooms. Tomorrow I'm going to tackle the toilets and the showers. On Thursday I will scrub both floors. Then both bathrooms will be all fresh and clean!

Instead of posting both before and after photos, I just have the Befores. I'll post Afters on Thursday when everything is clean.

Kitty bathroom:
Yes, the cats are messy. I can sweep and there will be cat litter on the floor within four hours... Oh, and the clothes hanging in the shower are my line drying shirts. The kitty bathroom is the only place in the house with enough room to line dry, as the apartment complex will not allow us to use a clothes line on our patio.

Main bathroom:

Posting pictures on the internet of my dirty bathroom is really embarrassing. Maybe that will motivate me to keep it clean?


DanniellaAnn said...

So if the one bathroom is the kitty bathroom, why were the kitties in your main bathroom? Don't feel so bad about your bathrooms. I clean mine 1+ times a week (then it's not so gross) and they still look worse than yours. That could be because Jerrod is not a very tidy boy. I'll be posting mine durring the challanges break time in the middle where she has no rooms to clean. Be prepared. P.S. I encourage you to clean them more often... even daily shower spray stuff is a big help! My mom got me in the habit of cleaning the shower during my showers every couple weeks or so depending.

Cassandra said...

The kitties are in that bathroom because the kitties are everywhere. haha. They will sleep anywhere there is tile but the other bathroom is where their boxes are kept.