Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday recap

I went running this morning. I can't believe it's 88 degrees that early. I ran 1.95 miles without stopping. My oh my, but that felt good. First time running in over a month.

Today has been a very productive day.

  • 2 hours of work

  • Vacuumed the entire apartment, including the spare bedroom

  • Straightened the spare bedroom

  • Washed, dried, and put away the dishes

  • Washed, dried, ironed, and put away three loads of laundry

  • Moved our clothes into our bedroom

  • Swept both patios

  • Cleaned out cat box

  • Replaced icky shower curtain in main bathroom with barely used curtain from kitty bathroom

I think that's it, but that's enough. :) Yay for it being almost Sabbath!

1 comment:

DanniellaAnn said...

I agree! That's a lot of work. Yay for you. Ironing is tough work. I wonder how they managed in the days when they heated irons on the stove... I shudder to think! Good Job. P.S. Technically you can skip days and be back ahead of me. all there are are free days for awhile. ;)