Monday, May 17, 2010

Bad choice

I snapped at my husband tonight while we were at the supermarket. He wanted me to pick a spaghetti sauce that I would like and I just wanted him to make a decision. I should be thankful for a husband that cares more about my preferences than his own instead of getting aggravated.

I am thankful.

But all those verses in Proverbs that speak of the importance of taming the tongue have obviously not taken root in my heart.


SKM said...

Been there, done that. :) It's very tough and kudos for being mindful of it.

Cassandra said...

Thanks Shelley. :) It is really hard sometimes.

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

It IS taking root. You're processing your words and the roots are being established firmly in your heart. You'll see the fruit soon! One day you'll catch yourself in mid-sentence and soon you won't say a thing. All in time.

Ask me how I know! (still learning)

Cassandra said...

Ann, thank you for this comment. It seems the more I read the Bible the more I realize how selfish and sinful I really am. And even though I pray about it and try my best it seems like I don't make much progress.

Kathy said...

At least you realize that you made a snappy remark and appoligized for it. Most people don't even give that a second thought.