Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cloth Napkins

A few months ago, I made a set of pillowcases for my brother. I bought the fabric years ago but never sat down to make the pillowcases. This fabric is a bit loud but my brother was seriously into chili pepper decorations at the time I bought it. Finally I decided it was time. Thankfully he still really likes the fabric.

My mom had expressed an interest in this print. She collects fancy bottles of olive oil and mentioned that this chili pepper fabric would make great cloth napkins as a theme with the olive oil. I promised her that if I had enough fabric left from the pillowcases, I would make her a set of napkins. Unfortunately, I ran out of the fabric.

Hubby and I took a trip to Joann's and perused their fabric selection. I didn't find the same fabric, but I did find something similar.

I wish I would have known how much fabric is required for napkins because I would have bought twice as much. I ran out of time and ended up making only four napkins.

I really like how they came out! The tutorial was really easy to follow. I suggested to my hubby that we make a set of 8 napkins for us. We want to find some type of Asian print, something in a deep red and black. I think that would look really classy.


SKM said...

Very cool! My mother-in-law makes us a seasonal valance for our kitchen and then makes us matching placemats. She tells me it's very easy - I'm still intimidated! I might have to ease into it with napkins. :)

Cassandra said...

Shelley, the napkins were pretty easy but time consuming. I wanted to get everything just right and had never made them before so they took a few hours. I have a feeling the next set will go a lot faster. You should try it!

How cool that your MIL makes you valances and matching placemats!