Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today is the third day in a row that I have washed, dried, and put away ALL the dishes. I think it's a personal record.

My schedule is working fairly well so far. In the mornings, I clean. I'm assigning one room to each day and cleaning it thoroughly, plus completing the chores that have to be done every single day. Then I spend the first hour after lunch studying Japanese. I feel like I'm learning a lot since I'm finally putting in the necessary time.

After studying Japanese, I work on whatever project is in progress. Today I spent more time in the afternoon cleaning off my desk. I made myself decide: am I going to throw this away, put it away in its proper place, or file it? I forced myself to choose one of the three options instead of merely shuffling things around the apartment. It took hours today. My desk cleaning is almost complete, other than a few odds and ends that I will finish up tomorrow.

Now if I could just find time to quilt... I keep putting off the quilting because I feel that everything else is more important. Hubby says I need to make time to quilt instead of only pulling it out after everything else is done. I just feel guilty spending time doing something fun instead of productive, though quilting is both fun and productive. Tomorrow I'm definitely setting aside some time to work on my quilt.


Idaho Sutters said...

Hi Cassandra! Thanks for all your great comments on my blog. I've enjoyed your thoughts and insights. It is so great to hear everyone's ideas!

I've been thinking and thinking of some good books on tape for you. I am also not an auditory learner. My husband plows through books on tape because he drives so much everyday. He can listen to anything. He's listened to some mighty tough classics. There is no way that I could do that.

I have found with my kids that I can listen to youth and children's books on tape though. They are simple to understand and I don't have to concentrate to hard on them. That way I can still multi-task. I always need to be doing a couple things at once. I've found that I've been able to increase my attention span as I've listened to easier things than I've been able to move to harder things.

There are a lot of fun young adult books out there that I've really enjoyed but I wouldn't listen to them out loud. The Percy Jackson and the Fablehaven series were very fun, but they had some verbage and situations that I wouldn't my kids to hear. Which is why I read it to them and edited those parts out. So if you have listening ears you may want to choose wisely what you play. Some would of course say just listen with earphones. And you know I don't like that! I feel that makes you unapproachable to your children and you will be more bothered if they come to you. I try to hard to remove situations that I will be frustrated. That has been my experience anyway. Many people are offended by that thought though.

Besides if you are listening to some great children's books your children will enjoy hearing them as well. Folding laundry together and listening to a great book would be a worthwhile activity.

So here are some thoughts:
The Little House in the Prairie series
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nihm
Narnia books
The Sign of the Beaver
The Witch of Blackbird's Pond
I LOVE the wrinkle in time books but I've found the audio books a very hard to listen to.

For a little older audience, but still appropriate for younger children:

Number the Stars
Johnny Tremaine
The Ranger's of Gorlan

I hope that gets you started. We enjoy a good book on tape as we travel to far distances. I don't always let them listen when we just go on a trip to town for groceries (45 min). I like them to be bored and look out the window and think. On longer drives books on tape are helpful.

Also I am LDS. Thank you for asking. I realized that I don't have any identification on my blog alerting others to that. I've changed that! Thank you for that!

I'm pleased you find value in my blog! I hope you will continue to do so! I also am happy to see you recognize that my blog posts are about principles and ideas, not about hard fast rules or judging others. I want to give moms things to think about and have them think about how they would apply those ideas in their homes (or not apply!). To often we are letting the world dictate how we should raise our families without giving any thought to asking questions and asking God. I'm having some people post comments that aren't understanding that and are threatened by my ideas. Thank you for getting it and being supportive!


Anonymous said...


Sounds like your making progress with your housekeeping schedule. Good for you! :)

BTW, I agree with your husband about adding the quilting to your daily schedule. You have nothing to feel guilty about. Quilting is both a fun and productive project. Don't let it fall by the way-side. Besides, you're so good at it and make pretty quilts (wink).

Anyway, take care and email me soon! :)

~Mrs. Lady Sofia~