Monday, May 10, 2010

Cleaning the bathroom

I finally got off my lazy behind and cleaned the bathroom. I scrubbed down all the walls, cleaned the sink, sorted through the medicine chest, scoured the toilet, and mopped the floor.

Everything except the tub is spotless. The tub is daunting as it has several years of dirt buildup on the bottom and no amount of cleaner and elbow grease has cut through the grime. Yesterday I picked up a bottle of Seventh Generation tub and tile cleaner, hoping that will do the trick. I ran out of energy this afternoon so I'll be tackling that pesky tub tomorrow morning. You would think that all the extra work would teach me to stay on top of the housework so that cleaning is maintenance instead of scrubbing. Ha.

In my effort to eliminate clutter, I pulled everything out of the medicine chest and from under the sink. In total, I trashed 21 items from the medicine chest and another 13 from under the bathroom sink. It was just stuff we didn't use - cleaners that don't work, shampoo that I can't stand... If we don't use it, why hang on to it?

The apartment is finally starting to feel clean. The living room is messy right now because we still have a huge pile to drop off at the donation bin, but it's all coming together. I am determined to get into the habit of daily cleaning so that I don't have to deep clean like this. It takes company coming to get motivated to really clean and that shouldn't be the case. I should be cleaning for God, for my husband, and for my sanity. I can think so much better in a clean and uncluttered house.

If you need to clean your house, what are you waiting for? It'll be worthwhile.


Mrs.Smith said...

Yes! I'm trying to get into the same habit! Slow going, but worth it.

For what it's worth, baking soda + vinegar really is an amazing cleaner. The baking soda is a bit abrasive, the vinegar reacting with it is a powerful ka-pow! kind of grime-killer. And it's super-cheap, nontoxic, earth-friendly, yadda yadda.

Hooray for dumping junk! I love this post & can't wait to read more! Except I'm going to have to wait because my bathroom needs cleaning. Yes, we have company coming over tonight.

Anonymous said...

Your post today about bathroom cleaning reminded me that I didn't clean the bathrooms today. :( Tuesdays are bathroom scrubbing days, but since I am sick with a sore throat, I had to decline that duty, among other things, sigh. :(

I learned that cleaning the bathrooms on a weekly basis really eliminates the need for deep cleaning.

Oh, and as for the build-up of dirt in the tub, don't work yourself to death. Work on it consistently a little at a time, and over-time, you might see some results. When we bought the house we are now living in, there was a testy ring in the Master Bathroom toilet that I could not scrub-out immediately. However, with consistent cleaning, it eventually disappeared. :)

Just remember that some stains just take time to remove while some stains just aren't worth your time to remove. :)

~Mrs. Lady Sofia~

Cassandra said...

Mrs. Smith - I'll try out the baking soda and vinegar. I think I tried it once before and wasn't impressed but I will give it another shot. I hope you enjoyed your company!

Mrs. Sofia - Your bathroom cleaning day sounds like what I want to set up. A certain day to do certain things. Thanks for the encouragement on the bathtub! I will just keep scrubbing it every week and hopefully it gets better! It is looking way better, just not 100%...

Cherie said...

My favorite cleaning help is
Of course I didn't realize I had a problem until I managed to accumulate piles over a two month stay in an unfurnished apartment, lol.

SKM said...

My office is my clutter room - reading your posts are inspiring me to tackle it. :)

Cassandra said...

Cherie, I like Flylady. I've only tried her method once, though. I should try it again. Piles are so hard to get rid of!

SKM - You can do it!!