Monday, May 3, 2010


This afternoon I made falafel with sesame sauce. I picked this dish because my hubby treated me to the Persian Garden Cafe several weeks ago and I ate an amazing falafel. I tried to replicate their dish but it wasn't the same. I think I've discovered I don't like parsley... I'll look for another falafel recipe.

I also found a great bread recipe in the Newstart cookbook. When I make bread tomorrow morning, I'm going to try sprinkling sesame seeds on top. Store bought bread has all these different seeds and grains baked into the loaf but I only know how to make plain whole wheat bread. I figured sesame seeds was a good place to start for experimentation.

That is the extent of my recent recipe adventures. I desperately need to test some new vegan recipes. We get very bored with our current eating options and this leads to dairy cravings. Mmmmmm... Pasta salad with ranch dressing and sharp Tillamook cheese.

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