Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Resolutions - Homemaking

This is my last post about resolutions/goals for 2012. Looking over last year's goals, I realized I didn't have any that specifically related to homemaking. I find that hilarious as homemaking is my full time job!

This year's goals
  • Continuously improve my relationship with my husband

    • Date Night - Implement a monthly date night.

    • Have fun working through The Love Dare. I've heard great things about this book!

    • Read Love and Respect again, taking time to implement some of the counsel. When I read this book the first time, I was amazed at the amount of truth it contained and realized that I definitely need to respect my husband more.

  • Recipe book - I've already started one, but it's gotten out of control. I think I have 20 loose recipes in the front that haven't been put in protector pages yet. I need to take everything out of the binder, figure out what we actually like, and reorganize the entire thing. Eventually, I also want to type all of the recipes out in OneNote and print them again. Right now I have recipes cut out from magazines, printed from the internet, and copied from cookbooks. It's a mess!

  • Daily schedule - This is the bane of my existence. I thrive on schedules, plans, and lists. However, my dear hubby works from home most of the time and his work center is set up in our living room. It is nearly impossible for me to stick to a schedule when he makes frequent calls to clients and coworkers. I won't complain because I love him being home! But maybe we need to discuss moving his "office" to our spare bedroom so that I can be more productive without worrying about interrupting his work.

  • My blog - It needs a major overhaul. I have a new domain set up but I wanted to set up a new blogging template before announcing the change and redirecting the site. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about blogging templates! I will embrace the challenge and try to come up with something new.

  • Finances

    • Pay off our last two credit cards. We paid off one last night and only have two more to go. If no emergencies arise, we will be done paying off credit cards by the end of February!

    • Save up six months of living expenses as a full emergency fund. Right now we have a baby emergency fund but it needs beefed up.

    • Start paying off our massive student loan debt. This goal will be around for years.

I really look forward to accomplishing these goals. I fully believe 2012 will be a wonderful year!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have some good homemaking goals for the coming year.

When I read about your recipe binder, I thought of my own, as it is looking a bit "haggard" as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your list! Organization and simplicity are the keys to homemaking:) Sounds like you are striving for those things. Blessings on your goals in 2012!