Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Leave of Absence

This morning my laptop's network card died. Sadly, it was a very sudden and unexpected death. The timing of things is very interesting.

Last week - my husband's desktop died (4 years old)
This week - my laptop's network card died (5 years old)
Ongoing - my cell phone is freezing up and I expect it to die at any time (3 years old)
Ongoing - our tv display is slowly dying, pixel by pixel (20 years old)

We still have a number of computers around the house, since my husband is an IT guy and seems to collect these things. I have a Dell Mini and an HP Tablet, but neither of them are my primary workhorse. My husband still has his work laptop, which is good because otherwise he wouldn't be able to work from home anymore.

We really, really want to replace some of the dying electronics. We shopped around for a television and blu-ray player at Christmas but decided to wait until we paid off our last credit card. Then the computers started dying. We wavered a bit on replacing them but decided that we are going to remain faithful to our financial plan of paying off the last credit card. Lord willing, provided the dentist appointment next week is routine, we should send in our last credit card payment in six weeks.

I am very excited that we are so close to being out of credit card debt! I am also mourning the loss of my primary laptop. The two emotions are conflicting but the desire to be out of debt is stronger.

However... I will be posting very little until I am able to replace my laptop. I love the Dell Mini's size, but it is a pain to type on. I have lost access to my RSS feeds and thus will not be able to keep up with everyone's posts. Productivity around the house should be very high without ready internet access and without the distraction of fiction books!

I'll be back as soon as I can. Until then, stay safe and have a wonderful January!


Whitney said...

I'm really sorry to hear about this, we've all experienced it at one point or another. Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Have a slew of dying electronics is not very fun, indeed! Been there, done that, I am sure that sometime in the future, I will be doing it again, ugh!

Well, I have your mailing address, so if I get desperate, I can still send you messages the old fashioned way, but you'd have to respond back, of course. :)

make.share.give said...

Just checking in. Hope to hear from you soon!

Aunt Spicy said...

ohhhh, I feel your pain in the electronics department! I just went to set up my printer and the whole middle section is missing (where the ink goes)...I have unpacked all my boxes, so I really have no idea where it is!

DanniellaAnn said...

LOL, makes me laugh that your house is full of spare computers and parts. Ours would be more like that if they werent' all jammed in boxes in the attic. One more reason Jerrod and Jeff really should meet eachother one day!
I can also feel bad for you having to type on the mini. I despise Jerrod's Mini 9 and avoid it like the plague. He loves it, but he also types everything with 2 fingers (as fast as I type with all 10 of mine!).

Miss you!