Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Resolutions - Personal

As I'm writing out my 2012 resolutions, sometimes I wonder if I'm overdoing it. Then I look at the types of goals I'm including and believe it's all doable. Personal goals are on the bottom of the list, though, so if I find myself floundering, it will be something on this list that gets dropped.

Last years goals
  • Complete my reading challenges - honestly, I have no idea how I did on this. After a couple months, I stopped choosing my books based on reading challenges and instead picked books that struck my interest at the time. I had a lot more fun being flexible with my reading than forcing myself to read specific titles or genres.

  • Continue learning Japanese. Sub goals:

    • Read 6 children's books in Japanese - I read one. This was much harder than I anticipated and it took me hours to read just that one book.

    • Study for 365+ hours total in 2011 - Success! I studied for 400.02 hours total. 11:50 on New Years Eve found me studying my vocab lists to push myself over that 400 hour mark. I am so happy with my total!

    • Study every single day. Monthly average of one hour/day - Partial success. I did study for an average of one hour/day but it wasn't a monthly success. Some months I only studied 15 hours whereas some I studied 45 hours.

This years goals

  • Participate in the Color Palette Challenge. Choosing fabric is the hardest part of quilting and I think this will help immensely.

  • Complete a quilt for me. I'm currently finishing up my fourth quilt and each one has been a gift. I really enjoying giving my projects away but I also really want my own quilt to cuddle under while reading a good book.

  • Take and pass the JLPT in December. This exam (Japanese Language Proficiency Exam) is offered once a year and I'm aiming for level N3, which will prove that I have intermediate level reading and listening skills. I am not ready for this exam yet but I have 11 months to prepare.

  • Start reading materials written for native speakers. Right now, almost all of my reading involves materials written for those learning Japanese. I need to start reading websites, books, articles, etc. that are written by native speakers for native speakers.

  • Maintain my 1+ hour/day average but with more day to day consistency.

  • No specific goals but to continue pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. More nonfiction, more classics, less mediocre fiction.

I have one more area of goals to blog about - homemaking. I'm still working on that list so it will be posted once finished. Overall, I think 2012 is going to be a great year!

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