Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Let the thought of God allure thee

Lately I have been reading The Pursuit of God. I'm not familiar with the author, though I do recognize his name. I don't yet have any comments on the devotionals themselves, but I have discovered that I rather like 18th century Christian poetry.

Tis not enough to save our souls,
To shun the eternal fires;
The thought of God will rouse the heart
To more sublime desires.

How little of that road, my soul!
How little has thou gone!
Take heart, and let the thought of God
Allure thee further on.

-Frederick W. Faber


Do you have a favorite poet? Now I want to browse my library to see if I can find some poetry compilations.


Julie Fukuda said...

John Greenleaf Whittier, The Eternal Goodness. "I know not where His islands lift Their fronded palms in air; I only know I cannot drift Beyond His love and care......"

docjim505 said...

Less poets than poems:

"Prospice" by Robert Browning

"Self-Dependence" by Matthew Arnold

"If" by Rudyard Kipling

Cassandra said...

Thank you for the suggestions, Jim!!

Carrie said...

I do not have a favorite poet. I've never much understood poetry. And I always feel like I'm somehow deficient as a result of this. But I can't make myself like it. Although I did like the one you posted.