Friday, March 13, 2015

Tiny updates

I don't know how I manage to let an entire week go by without posting. It's probably because nothing major happened and I don't want to bore my few readers with stories that aren't interesting to anyone but me. :)

This week we had a tiny, tiny bit of movement on the US side of our adoption. Our USCIS clearance expires this summer, the one that says that we are eligible to adopt internationally. Our agency sent us some paperwork to apply for our one free extension so we signed it and mailed it right back. This will generate a new fingerprinting appointment so that the government can verify we haven't committed a crime since our last fingerprinting clearance. Too bad they won't just take my word for it! It would save us all a lot of time.

We also received an update from Taiwan. Our girlie has voluntarily asked when our next Skype call will be! That is a very positive sign. We will be Skyping with her exactly one week from now. We have already started prepping for the call. On the last call, she read us something she had written in Chinese. For this call, I am going to write a paragraph in Chinese and read it to her. We are going out for hot pot this week so I will write about that experience. Hopefully she is able to see that I am trying very hard to be able to communicate with her!

Also, the t-shirt arrived that we will be sending for her birthday next month. I hope she likes it!


Anonymous said...

Very encouraging news about the Skype call!

It's too bad (to put it mildly) that the wheels grind so slowly that you have got to repeat parts of the process. The fingerprint requirement is especially stupid: they already know who you are, for pity's sake, so it seems to me that a background check should be very quick. Indeed, the .gov does "instant" background checks all the time for firearms purchases.


Sorry; I know it's frustrating as you want your girl home but have to wait and wait. Praying that the wait will be short, and knowing that it's worth every second.

make.share.give said...

Keep up the great work!

Jason and Michelle said...

a little bit of progress is better that nothing at all. I am glad she asked when the next Skype call is :)

Cassandra said...

Jim - Agreed! I think the wait time is just crazy and wish there was something I could do to hurry it up!!