Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sorting through the coat closet

I started applying what I've learned in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It's already made a huge difference. I feel lighter, having gotten rid of unneeded and unwanted excess.

This is our coat closet at the top of the stairs.



I did a couple of things. First, I moved two pairs of shoes downstairs to our bedroom closet, hiking shoes that we only use a couple times per year. Second, I sorted through my jackets and coats, taking out four that I never wear. I kept four (which still seems excessive) because we do live in Washington and have colder temperatures 2/3 of the year. Because there is now extra room in the closet, I added Cin-Ru's coat on the far left. Now I can enjoy seeing her coat and look forward to her wearing it.

My library bag is down on the floor. I add books to it throughout the week as I finish them and just grab the bag on my way out the door to the library.

I love the difference just half an hour made!

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make.share.give said...

Your "before" already looked pretty good :) Get ready to be proud of me- transferred some of my tax refund into savings...I now have MORE than a paycheck in savings! (Thank you to Dave Ramsey for the inspiration)