Friday, August 13, 2010


I am so glad it is Friday evening. I look forward to an entire 24 hours to spend relaxing with God. What a blessing that always is. I find myself wishing Sabbath would never end, but that's not possible.

Today ended up being a really crazy day. Earlier this week I was bit by... something. Spider? The area was really itchy and it's now hard and surrounded by purple. It looks like a giant bruise, but I know I didn't run into anything. We weren't sure if I should visit the doctor or wait it out. I'm very hesitant about traditional medicine and try to avoid taking unnecessary drugs. However, a quick search on the internet showed that it is advisable to see a physician any time a bug bite turns purple. That's a bad sign.

Hubby had to work this morning so we made the appointment for 3:00. I chose my primary care physician a few years ago and love her (when I have to go). Her office is a 45 minute drive from our current house, as I lived a lot closer to her when I selected her as my physician. Hubby's appointment ran very long and he wasn't able to pick me up until 2:20. Thankfully, traffic was great and we walked in right on time. Today I wasn't able to see my physician, but I saw another great doctor in her office.

Well, it turns out my body is hyper-sensitive to whatever it was that bit me and the doc said I had an allergic reaction and the blood vessels swelled, which is why it looks like a huge bruise. She said it will heal on its own but gave me a cream to stop the fierce itching, which will help me not scratch it so it can heal. Yay.

So that's that. Praise the Lord for great insurance, which made our visit cost a total of $26 for both the office visit and the prescription cream. Much cheaper than my cat's veterinary visit last week!


Anonymous said...

Praise God for His infinite mercy! Glad to hear that you only had a reaction--some bug bites can be down-right nasty! God bless you and may you and your family have a peaceful Sabbath!

Missie said...

That's a wicked bite! Hope it heals quickly!

Cassandra said...

Thank you Missie and Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad that your "bruise" was nothing serious, and that everything was taken care of.

By the way, you sound in a much happier mood as well. :)I pray that things in your life are becoming less stressful.

Lastly, thank you for visiting my blog. I left a reply for you under one of the posts that you responded to.

Cassandra said...

Thanks Lady Rose. :) I think Psalms has been speaking to me a lot these past few days and that is helping my stress levels. It's a good thing, because it looks like my cat will be going back to the vet on Monday. :(