Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Japanese update

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Japanese requires knowing roughly 2,000 words to read a newspaper. I passed a major milestone today by studying my 200th word, or 10% of what is needed to read a newspaper or hold a basic conversation. I haven't mastered all of these words, but I have been exposed to them via's Core 2000: Step 1 goal.

I look forward to mastering these first 200 words and then moving on to the next 200.

Is anyone else learning a foreign language as an adult? It's quite different from learning in junior high or high school.


Travels With Uncle Sam said...

I was a foreign language major in college (Spanish with German as a minor) and got my degree in Spanish. This is nothing like Japanese, though!! We were stationed in Korea in our 20's, and did our best to learn Korean. Korean does have an alphabet of 24 letters, so that wasn't too hard. My son is presently studying Chinese! He is having a really hard time!!

This is great that you are trying to master Japanese! How rewarding. I would say you are doing great so far!!!

I have been giving a few German lessons to my other son and a friend of his. We don't get to do it often enough, though.

Chic Mama said...

That is so awesome! I took a little Japanese in highschool but remember very little! Good for you!