Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another set of squares

My days are starting to get into a pretty good routine. Now that the apartment is basically clean, daily chores don't take nearly so long. I'm finding I have extra time for reading, quilting, and snatches of quality time with my hubby between his client calls.

I wish I could work on my quilting more, but the injury from my car accident keeps flaring up. Several years ago, I was hit while sitting at a stop light. The other driver didn't realize the light was red and slammed into the back of another car, which then slammed into me. The police estimated the driver at fault was going 45 mph when she hit us. My car was totaled and I have permanent damage to my shoulder. Leaning over a rotary board or sitting perfectly still at a sewing machine for awhile causes my shoulder muscles to start feeling like they are on fire.

At least when the accident occurred, I had just made the payment on my car that flipped it right side up so I wasn't left with financing and no car!

Today I was able to cut out all of the squares on my tan fabric. All that's left is to cut out squares from the red doggy paws fabric and then I can start sewing it all together! Hopefully I'll get to start on that tomorrow, provided I'm ready for the Sabbath on time.

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Cherie said...

Have you heard of Dr. Christopher's Bone, Flesh and Cartilage formula? That's what I would try if I had a similar injury.