Sunday, September 5, 2010

Building Habits - Week 3

My habit building is still going well. A couple evenings this week the dishes were only completed because I didn't want to confess I was lazy. Oh well! I'm not really noticing much of a difference with the cat boxes being cleaned every day but the clean dishes... that is a blessing. It feels so good to walk into the kitchen and see that the counters are clean and that the sink is empty.

This week I am going to continue working on building my previous habits plus add one more. I really need to start flossing daily. I don't know if it's better to floss in the morning or the evening but I'm going to pick mornings because my motivation is higher earlier in the day. My next dental cleaning is the day before Thanksgiving so I have added incentive to establish a good flossing habit.

Habit #1 - All dishes washed, every day.
Habit #2 - Both cat boxes cleaned every morning.
Habit #3 - Daily flossing.

Accountability really is a useful tool.


Missie said...

I have a hard time not being lazy and doing the dishes and laundry too...I definately need to follow your lead and make those habits as well.

Cassandra said...

It's hard to get everything done! Laundry is another never ending chore.

Lynsye Louise said...

unless you do it naked!

Anonymous said...


As far as cat boxes go, how about trying to scoop them every other day. That might be a much less stressful goal.

-Lady Rose

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

You're being such a good influence with your habit building! Hope I can keep up!

Cassandra said...

Lynsye - lol. That would definitely allow me to be caught up on laundry. For about 2 hours. ;)

Lady Rose - I think I've been scooping every other day. And it gets stinky in our bedroom. Maybe that's the benefit to doing it every day? Less smell, rather than happier cats. Not sure the cats notice.

Ann - Thanks! Are you working on any habits right now?