Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quilt Design - Help me pick one? :)

Today I finished cutting out my red paw prints fabric. I had fun laying out all the squares on the floor and envisioning what the entire quilt top will look like. For some reason, Bruno always decides to come help! Today our other cat laid down on the blocks as well but she didn't stay long enough for me to get her in the picture.

When I laid all the squares out, I realized that I needed to sew together some more of the four part blocks. Since I've been working on this quilt since April (off and on), I couldn't remember if I knew I needed to make more blocks or if I thought I had made enough. Either way, I'm short.

I have a ton of the 8" squares. If I use all of those, I only need to make a few more of the four block squares. The blank spots in each photo are where the four block squares will go. What do you think? Which design do you think looks better?

Option 1 - as viewed from the bottom of the quilt

Option 1 - as viewed from the top of the quilt

Option 2 - as viewed from the bottom of the quilt

Option 2 - as viewed from the top of the quilt

Option 2 will be the easiest to complete as I would be using all of the solid 8" blocks I already have cut, plus make a few more of the 4 square blocks. I don't mind doing extra work and going with option 1 if that will look the best. I'm just afraid option 1 will look too busy with all of the smaller squares (think top 2 rows repeated all the way down) as opposed to the larger solid pieces in option 2.

I just can't decide! Which one do you think is the better design?


Mrs.Smith said...

Well, that's a tough call. If you went with option 1, you could use the leftover 8" squares to make little throw pillows, which would be fun. :) Worth the extra work? I don't know... Option 2 was still lovely.

Either way, I think I'd turn the 4-square patches so the little red squares don't touch the big ones. Red is a strong color and it stands out.

It's going to be beautiful when you're done! I'm excited for you.

Cherie said...

I think option 2 looks better and that you're right about option 1 possibly being too busy.

Anonymous said...


Wow! How am I supposed to choose from such splendid quilt patterns as these? :)

Sigh! I really wish you lived closer so you could teach me how to quilt. However, I fear that I wouldn't have the patience for it. Sigh!

-Lady Rose

bekahcubed said...

I prefer option 1--as I think that Option 2 does get a bit busy.

What a lovely design! It's nice to see that you're making good on your sewing month projects. I've barely done anything on my rug--but I did just sew/craft up a new planner for myself. That's got to count for something :-)

Missie said...

I think I like the 2nd one better!