Friday, September 10, 2010

Random thoughts

Today has been an awesome day. My bathroom was clean before 8am. Usually I put it off until the last minute. I did 15 sit ups this morning (wimpy, I know, but better than Wednesday's attempt). I am ready for the Sabbath - dishes washed, dishwasher emptied for tonight and tomorrow's dishes, and church clothes ironed.

My menu for next week is planned. I still have to create the shopping list, but that should be pretty simple as we have most of the what is needed.

Hubby took me to the library this afternoon. I love libraries! I found a couple books on archeology, a fiction book that's been on my to-read list for awhile, and a book on vegan baking. When I opened the book, the first recipe I saw was for vegan waffles and it required no unusual ingredients. Score! Hubby also picked out several books for me to read - one on Mark Twain, one on Mozart, and another on a Chinese duchess(?). All three books are chunksters (over 450 pages) and will take me weeks to read.

We also made a quick run to the grocery store tonight to pick up bananas and avocado. We came home with bananas, avocado, vegan ice cream, spring rolls, and a new brand of frozen waffles that were on sale. My hubby speaks my love language - food!

I hope everyone is having a great Friday and will have an even better weekend!

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