Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Japanese folk artist videos

Last Sunday, we visited the Phoenix Art Museum and watched a Japanese folk artist perform. I took several videos to share. The artist was kind enough to give me permission to post them on-line. If you only watch one of them, watch the last one. That performance was awesome!

The artist's introduction and playing on the たいこ (taiko - drum).

すきやき (上を向いて歩こう) guitar performance (the song title: "Sukiyaki" or "I look up when I walk").

Final performance, playing on the large たいこ (taiko - drum).

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DanniellaAnn said...

Sukiyaki? I think I've heard that song before, it sounded really familiar.

It was so nice of you to actually ask him if you could post the videos. Most people don't do that anymore :) Glad you shared those were really neat to see. Oh the joys of living in a really warm city LOL, nice green grass in Feb.