Monday, February 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I haven't posted a menu in a month!

Monday - Monterey Frittata - This was really good! A bit salty, so I'll decrease the salt next time. But I really liked it! Now to see how well it reheats...

Tuesday - Soba noodles & gyoza

Wednesday - Vegan Meat Lover's Pizza Casserole - We're only doing the sausage (first time trying it), leaving out the pepperoni. I just really wanted a baked pasta dish.

Thursday - Pasta in Lemon Cream Sauce - Not sure how I ended up with two pasta recipes in a row, but they are very different!

Friday - Curry

Sabbath lunch - Coconut stir fry
Sabbath dinner - Pizza - mushrooms, olive, bell pepper

Sunday - Tacos

Three new recipes this week! I think that might be a record. At least one of them was already a hit!


Anonymous said...


I like your menu, although I don't think that I could go totally vegetarian. I think this is a healtheir way to eat though.

By the way, having sausage on occassion isn't so bad, as long as you buy lean turkey sausage. That's the only kind of sausage that we will eat in this house! :)

-Lady Rose

Amy said...

Can I come over for Curry? Yum!

Amy said...

I meant to give you some missionary book suggestions since you asked on my blog. My favorite is And the Word Came With Power. I also like Bruchko a lot. I know there are more, so we will have to revisit this.