Monday, September 5, 2011

D9P quilt progress

Remember this quilt? I was working on it back in July 2010. Eek. Time does fly and I am really slow at my quilting. Anyways, I've returned to working on that quilt, a double nine patch.

(Side note - I've seen D9P stand for Double 9 Patch and Disappearing 9 Patch. I wonder which one is correct or if both abbreviations are correct...)

Today I tried something new - strip piecing! It worked really well and sped up the process. I should have tried it sooner.

Strip piecing

Today's accomplishments

Tomorrow's plan - working on the green blocks. I've discovered I can complete 10 patches in about 2 hours if the strips are already cut. Hopefully I'll get faster as I get the hang of this pattern. If not, at least I'm having a lot of fun and listening to many Japanese podcasts while sewing!

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Missie said...

This will look awesome when it is finished! I really need to get back into sewing...I like doing it at quilt retreat but get lost on my own at home