Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 1 in our new home

Today was busy, busy, busy. We ate breakfast at the hotel, packed all of our stuff into the car, and then met the realtor at 11. She completed a walk through of the townhouse so that all prior damage would be recorded and we wouldn't be held responsible for it.

After that, Jeff and I set up an area in the house for the cats. We locked them into the spare bedroom with a litter box, a bowl of food, water, and a blanket. Once we were sure they were safe and would stay out of trouble, we finished unloading the stuff from the car and then headed out.

First we stopped by the UPS store and picked up the 16 boxes we shipped. They barely fit into our car! The entire trunk and back seat were packed. We stopped by the house and unloaded all of the boxes. Now our entire earthly belongs (not much!) are all in one place.

We tried to finish our errands but discovered that now the trunk won't latch. We tried everything, but it wouldn't stay closed. We finally laid down the back seat and hubby climbed into the trunk to tie it down from the inside. Instead of heading to the store, we drove straight to the auto shop. They had to order the part to fix the trunk but it should arrive tomorrow morning. That ate up most of what was left of our moving fund.

Finally, around 3 this afternoon, we started shopping. That was fun! We are prioritizing what we need vs. what we want and will be saving to buy furniture one piece at a time. This pay period, we can't afford to buy anything expensive so we stuck to some basics. Pillows. Two folding chairs and a card table so hubby can work from home. A pizza pan for Saturday night pizza night! Some cleaning supplies. A cutting board.

We have no pots and pans, no kitchen applicances, but we can bake a pizza! We will probably be eating a lot of sandwiches until hubby gets paid again. I'm still researching pots and pans to determine what best fits our needs and is also environmentally friendly.

I had hoped to post pictures today but by the time we arrived home, it was too dark to take good photos. This is the only one I was able to take:

Our new "office"

Tomorrow I get to start cleaning. Unfortunately, today I forgot to buy an all purpose cleaner so I can't start scrubbing down the kitchen. I may have very little to put away, but I want to put away our two plates and four glasses into newly scrubbed cupboards! I am so happy to be at home.


make.share.give said...

You guys are so sweet! I'm proud of your goals of remaining debt-free and not overdoing it. So happy you got the townhouse.

Carrie said...



My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Praises that you got to your new home safely.

Anonymous said...

WhenI first moved into my old appartment - back in my single days, I had to wait about 10-14 days for my furniture to arrive, even my fridge and cooker didn't arrive for a week or so. I had been in the UK for a few years so I'd brought over some stuff and bought thing in the way, but I literally managed by borrowing a folding bed and mini fridge, aquiring a folding chair a mini heater a 4 person crockery set and a few pieces of cutlery, using my mini slow cooker - breakfast supper, etc and my blender, I covered a large box with a duvet cover and using the window seats for when I had company. During that period I even had 2 friends staying for a night or two (can't remember exactly) - the mother slept on the folding bed and daughter and I on blankets and quilts on the floor! It can be done. Enjoy making your new home beautiful with only the things you use and love, it really is a blessing.
By the way if you can fit a slow cooker into your budget it is great for cheap meals - jacket potatoes are our Friday staple no need for me to think too hard about what to make although I love the idea of pizza!

I am so happy for you.