Monday, July 23, 2012

The monster in the corner

I am optimistic.

Jeff thinks I am crazy.


Meet the only piece of furniture in our house:

I have high hopes that our kitties will learn to use and abuse this cat tree before we buy new furniture. In Phoenix, our furniture was ratty because the cats used it as a scratching post. My hopes are that they will leave the (future) new furniture alone!

Both cats are still getting used to the monster in the corner. Both have approached it, sniffed the bottom level, and then walked off. Once the newness wears off, they will hopefully enjoy their newfound ability to stare out the window!


Mrs. Bacon said...

My friend has a monster in the corner as well. She put the cats (she has 3) favorite bed and toys on the different levels. After some loud yowling, they were on it and now use it as their own throne to view their world and survey their kingdom.

Johanna said...

Wow!! That's giant!!! I'm sure your cats will end up loving it!!