Thursday, July 26, 2012

In search of some Vitamin D

I am a homebody. I enjoy being at home with my husband, my cats, my library books, and my computer. Phoenix has a way of turning an outdoorsy person into a homebody with extremely long 115 degree summers.

Moss bordered shawl

Seattle, on the other hand, has been enticing me outside. I want to drive to the nearby mountains and hike. I want to explore our local neighborhood, finding all of the unique shops and enticing food. I want to enjoy the beautiful 75 degree days.

Shawl in progress

Part of my quest to be healthier involves vitamin D. You would think that living in Arizona would ensure that I got plenty of exposure to the sun. Those stifling hot days actually ensured that I only ventured from the house two or three times a week and spent as little time as possible outside.

Now, however, I have the opportunity to soak up some rays from my patio. The last few mornings, I've been setting the timer for 10 minutes and sitting outside. I try to expose as much skin as possible without displaying immodesty to our neighbors. It feels so good!

I love sitting outside and knitting. It's so peaceful and one of the highlights of my day.


Tommie said...

I sat outside this morning as long as I could handle the heat. 15 minutes. It isn't just Phoenix. It's Tennessee, too. Enjoy your cool weather!

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

What a beautiful color for a shawl! The heat here in TX has me hibernating too. I can't wait for late Sept. when things finally cool off!

Johanna said...

Ahh..what I'd do for 75 degree temperatures!

Carrie said...

:D I did the same thing when I moved to the NW from S. Texas. In Texas I tried NEVER to be outside. Or, at least, to be outside as little as possible (running from one air conditioned location to another). But here I want to be out of doors all the time! We keep our doors and windows open and just run fans. It's wonderful! And beautiful. Yes, I'll take the NW ANY day!