Friday, July 20, 2012

When we packed the car right before the move, everything that didn't fit was left in Arizona. Right before we left, we had too many items left in the kitchen and not enough space in the trunk. Trying to make quick decisions so that we could hit the road, I just starting throwing things into a box for the donation bin.

Once we arrived in Seattle and moved into our townhouse, I realized just how much I wasn't able to brinig with me. Now I realize just how thankful I am for kitchen basics!

Our recent Bed, Bath, and Beyond haul

Now I have two pots, a frying pan, two plates, five glasses, two forks, two spoons, three Cutco knives, a pizza pan, a rolling pin, wooden spoons, and some measuring spoons/cups. Even with so little, I can cook so much more. I still don't have much but I am grateful for the blessings of a barebones kitchen!

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Anonymous said...

I read years go in a book from the 70's I think about being frugal, that "our grandmoths managed with a sieve and wooden spoon" I seem to recall it being a comment on blenders not being a necessity but a "luxury". Personally I would struggle without a blender - on Friday alone I used it 4 times! But the comment has always stayed with me - as long as I have the basics I can make most things people in the past did and I can too. It sounds like you have the basics covered and starting with a clean slate is a wonderful opportunity.