Monday, January 7, 2013

What's cooking?

This week's challenge ingredient is carrots. I love carrots but had no idea what to make. It was fun browsing through VegWeb's website to find ideas.

I made ใใ‚“ใดใ‚‰ (kinpira)! It's a Japanese side dish and it's really good. I made a half serving and will definitely be making more in the future. For today's recipe, I didn't have regular sesame seeds so I used the black ones. To be quite honest, I'm not sure I can taste the difference!

I also want to try carrot fries (to go with my sweet potato fries) and taco carrots. I'm pretty sure I already have the ingredients for both recipes.

My husband and I finally started using our fireplace. I bought him a fire starter log and a lighter for Christmas so we built a fire right before opening the rest of our presents. As soon as we built the fire, I was reminded of an old childhood favorite - s'mores.

We found vegan marshmallows at Whole Foods,

...roasted them,

...and made a sandwich with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows.


For this batch, we used Whole Foods dark baking chocolate. I want to try another chocolate bar next time and hope to improve the s'more experience!


Anonymous said...

Carrots are one of my favorite veggies. I checked-out the recipes and I LOVED them all! They all sound good. I'm going to have to try them. It's nice to find recipes for food that I can actually eat! :)

Carrie said...

Ok, those carrots look delicious.

VEGAN MARSHMALLOWS?! I'd give those a try!!! I don't particularly care for the Kraft version and I don't feel like making my own. (I do have a friend who shared her recipe online which, if you are interested in it, I can shoot you the link.) It feels like too much work for me but if I spotted the vegan ones somewhere, I'd snatch 'um up!

Margaret said...

Ah kinpira brings back memories of the years I lived in Japan. I'll have to try that recipe again. I'm not fond of marshmallows so won't be tempted to imitate that one!

Kathleen at Rose Prairie said...

Looks yummy, I'll need to try this one. Thanks And the marshmallow, what a treat for you. So cool, and I shop whole foods all the time and never notice those.

Ann HisGraceToMe said...

Kinpira sounds tasty - I think I'll try it out! Thanks for sharing.

Lori said...

Liked the picture (followed from Judy's blog) and the carrots were good. I added some snow peas to mine just because I had them. Yummy--I wasn't sure about the sugar but it really gave them a nice taste. thanks!