Thursday, February 19, 2009

Books, books, and more books

I love to read. I'm addicted to books. If we could afford it, I'd get a job at Barnes and Noble just so I could reinvest in their store by cashing my paycheck and then shopping for books. ;) That's how much I love to read.

Unfortunately, my budget does not support my book habit. I love libraries, but the two nearest us have a very minimal selection. They don't carry 95% of the books that I've looked for. Earlier this week, hubby and I decided to visit the public library in the next town over. We signed up for library cards and came home with a huge stack of books.

I have developed a system to organize my future reading lists. Whenever I read a book recommendation on a blog, I visit Amazon's website or the author's website. If the book looks like one I will enjoy, I add it to my Amazon wish list. On Monday, I printed off my wish list and then searched the library's website to find the call letters for each book. When we visited the library, I just had to go through the rows and pick up each book. Simple!

I've thought about requesting the library to pull the books for me, but I enjoy browsing. That way, I can pull any additional books that look promising. This last trip, I only allowed myself a couple extra books, as my reading list was already quite long. As I continue reading blogs and receiving recommendations, I'll add titles to my library wish list on Amazon. This way I'll always have a list of highly recommended books to read!

This is the stack of books we brought home this week. The pile on the left is mine and the right stack is hubby's. The book standing upright is the one I'm currently reading. Have I mentioned that I love books?

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DanniellaAnn said...

Don't know if you've tried, but also you can get books at and you can resell them when you finish. I love reading too but get massive headaches if I read too much at a time. That kinda makes it hard to finish books. But I do treat myself when the ABC comes to town twice a year and get some of the stories on characters in the bible and what the detailed story might have been like. Plus I love book sharing with friends. That's always the best. P.S. I still need to send you the book you left at our house at the wedding... OOPS!!! Maybe I'll send you a couple of my favorites too if I ever remember!