Monday, February 16, 2009

Sick, but happy

I woke up sick this morning. All of my plans were discarded as I've spent most of the day resting and reading. We had big plans of going to the post office and the library, but didn't realize until late last night that today is a federal holiday! Happy Presidents Day!

Hubby has been very attentive today. I'm glad he's home with me when I am sick. Actually, I've been very thankful that we've had all of this time together over the past two months, but I seem to appreciate his presence even more when I'm not feeling well. He even ran over to the store this morning to purchase some comfort foods for our lunch. I am very blessed that the Lord saw best to match the two of us for life.

In other news, I am absolutely thrilled that I now have a registered domain name. Thanks to SwagGrabber's blog, I found out that GoDaddy is selling domain names for 99 cents! With tax, it comes out to $1.19 for a one year domain registration. If you're interested in building a website, I strongly suggest that you take advantage of this deal. Jeff has never seen domain registration so cheaply priced. The sale code is LOVE99.

This means that my website address is now Hubby changed some settings on Blogger so that my blogger address redirects to my website. Someday I will purchase hosting and set up a full website, but for now, it just includes my blog. Even though my brain is fuzzy today, I can't help but start brainstorming ways I will utilize my own website. Recipes? A photography gallery? Bible studies? There are lots of options!

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