Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Tommorow will be an exciting day. In the morning, hubby and I are making pizza. We've switched around our menu to avoid using the oven in the hot afternoon/evening. I planned ahead and made the crust this afternoon. It's in the fridge, awaiting being rolled out and topped with sauce, mushrooms, and onions.

After breakfast, we'll visit the library to return a pile of books and pick up more. I compiled a list of books to check out - 17 of them ranging from memoir, biography, fiction, historical nonfiction, and religious inspiration.

The afternoon will be spent straightening up our spare bedroom because my brother arrives in town tomorrow night! He's only spending the night and will then be leaving to pick up his wife at the airport and drive back to his house. To kill time before Emme's flight arrives, we're going geocaching Friday morning! I'm hoping to locate 6 or 7 caches.

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