Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wait for it... no, really.

I should have waited before I said anything about the job offer. Hubby and contract boss went back and forth on salary for awhile and discussed future possibilities but hubby didn't receive an official offer. Contract boss said he's going to do some figuring, some planning, etc. etc. before making hubby an official offer. So we're still waiting.

On a positive note, contract boss does have hubby lined up for some additional contract work. They have a meeting tomorrow with the client they worked with last week and they will be attempting to convince the client to hire them on permanently instead of it being a one time project. Also, the boss does have hubby in mind for a couple other projects.

We've been debating if the contract boss feels any need to hire hubby on permanently. The contract hourly rate is higher than the potential salary range, but the boss wouldn't have to provide full time hours if he kept hubby on for contracts. We're just waiting. And praying. And waiting some more, hoping a full time offer will come from somewhere. At least the contract hours plus my unemployment is enough to pay all the bills! That's an improvement from where we were a month ago.

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