Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hubby had an interview today that lasted two and a half hours long. The recruiter loved him! This was a face to face with the recruiter who kept hubby on the phone last week for an hour and a half. Hubby is one of two candidates being submitted for this particular job. The recruiter says he likes hubby better than the other candidate and will be recommending him specifically to the client. We're looking forward to finding out if Jeff gets a job offer!

Also, hubby has been talking to a consultant about some contract work. Supposedly, if the contract work goes well, hubby will be getting a job offer from this company. We don't know yet if that will happen, but hubby has been assigned a 5 day contract starting next week. We're extremely excited about this as his paycheck will be quite a bit more than the unemployment check for that week. The state will keep their money if Jeff makes more at a contract job.

Nothing too exciting going on with my job search. The one job I really wanted was already filled. It was working as an office manager at a camp in a small town in northern Arizona. Hubby and I would be working together to run the front office and the computer systems. That would have been amazing because room and board was included, we would have been living in a cabin, and had access to all the outdoor activity we could possibly dream of! Oh, well. I guess God didn't want us to leave town just yet.

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