Wednesday, May 6, 2015


As part of my Chinese studies, I have started watching a Taiwanese television show titled "The Patisserie With No Name." I stumbled across this show and was delighted to discover that not only does it have English subtitles, it has Mandarin subtitles! This means I can listen, test my comprehension, and look up words if I wasn't able to catch what was said (this happens a lot because I have a hard time following speakers at native speed).

In tonight's episode, I heard some familiar words but wasn't sure what they meant when used together. I know what each of these words means individually but have never heard them used as a phrase. 吃吃看吧 - After digging around in the dictionary, I discovered it basically means "give it a taste!" when offering someone a new-to-them dish. So I searched to see if it's a commonly used phrase and found a blog I have to follow and learn how to read. This recent post looks like a review of a pastry shop in Taipei. I am drooling!


Carrie said...

:D That's fun.

K said...

Hi, I just found your blog after reading your comment on mine. Nice to "meet" you, too. I'm going to start reading your blog from the beginning, especially your 31 days of cleaning.

Congratulations on your pending adoption. Is this going to be your first child?

K said...

Oh, I also saw your pictures of Bruno. He's very handsome and looks like a total mama's boy. I have my Sam, who was only about a day one when I got him, still had his umbilical cord, and now he's a big strong cat and the man of the house and total mama's boy.

Cassandra said...

Hi K! Yes, she's our first child. We're diving in the deep end with a 13 year old! I know it'll be crazy and hard but I cannot wait. :)

Yes, Bruno is a total mama's boy! lol He's 100% my cat even though my husband split the work when he was being bottle fed. I think it's because I spent more time cuddling with him so he bonded to me. He's a sweetie but oh so spoiled.